Coffee Jitterbugs A Thing Of The Past

Coffee Jitterbugs A Thing Of The Past

September 17, 2019

Now is not the time and place for expletives. But it is the appropriate space for etiquette. In the mad early morning rush in the kitchen or the downtown coffee to go queue, not much thought would have been given to this. Some readers are right to ask at this point. Who’s going to be cussing? And furthermore, why would anyone want to do this? Before this is explained, do note that there is a silver lining to the proposed decaffeinated coffee miami fl float of beans.

decaffeinated coffee miami fl

Decaffeinated coffee? No way, Jose, is what some coffee-loving readers may be saying. Or to put it more bluntly, whole day coffee drinking addicts. Not just a morning brew to perk you up. Not just the occasional cappuccino or latte before or after the evening show. But six or so jugs, not mugs of strong, but ultimately bland coffee. An addict almost immediately goes into withdrawal overload once his jug is taken away from him.

He may have been told in no uncertain terms that he has to kick this habit if he values his life. It almost begins to sound like some people are trying to turn you off of your coffee. Not so. The wish is still there for you to enjoy a good cup of coffee or two every day for the rest of your life. It’s just that you’ll need to go decaf for a while. It’s not going to be permanent, well for some, yes, maybe it needs to be, but at some stage in the future you could start learning how to refine your love for coffee where only the best will do.

But in respectable and healthy and polite doses if you please. And hold the sugar too.