Delightfully Different Kind Of Downtown Cuisine

Delightfully Different Kind Of Downtown Cuisine

September 17, 2019

Ah, yes! It is time for dinner! And it is everyone’s favorite time of the week. It is Friday night, and thank goodness, most readers will not be seeing the inside of an office until at least the following Monday morning. After a long and hard slog, you must be feeling quite peckish by now. No, no, put the mobile away. Don’t order in. Go out for a change. Don’t go down to the wharf. And leave the steakhouse alone for a change.

It is booked solid anyhow. And do not worry about the local pizzeria either. It gets very noisy when you and your partner simply want to sit at your table and enjoy your meal peacefully. Time to be adventurous whilst you are filled with armor for him or her. Do something exotic. And what an unusual surprise! Look over here! Did you know that there is an ethiopian cuisine portland or chef in town.

ethiopian cuisine portland or

Do go and see what this is all about then. Oh! It can’t be helped. Apologies for the spoiler. Here’s what is on the menu for tonight. Strict vegans, never mind vegetarians will love this. There are dozens of appetizing vegan dishes to pick from. Green loving readers and tree huggers will love this. The food here is both local and organic. Fancy that then? Ethiopian food in Portland. Really! But what a nice surprise.

Muslim city inhabitants will love this quaint corner of town. The meat dishes are halal. And for pretty much everyone else reading this tonight, that means that the authentic meat dishes are going to be healthy. Still getting ready for a night on the town? Try out a couple of African beers for a change. But remember to call a taxi home after that night on the town is over.